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Our signature whipped body butters and groundbreaking toothpaste and mouthwash are crafted from nature's finest, offering you a journey to yumminess that's hard to resist.

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To protect your body butter during hot summer months, we pack all orders with thermal ice packs and recommend next-day shipping. Despite our precautions, Agape Key is not responsible for any melting that occurs during transit. Please note that we do not offer reimbursements for melted products.

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When I tell you this is bae like this scent is unmatched! It really is unisex to . The smell is light but it hits hard all I can say is go big when you purchase this one because you’ll be back for more. Periodt!


4 words!! Get you some ASAP!! This is definitely that one to wear out on a date or getting out the house and want to turn heads while wearing your summer dress. I wore this and received so many compliments asking what I have on and how I smell really good. I recently wore this one on a warm evening out and received so many compliments from the guyRead more about review stating Tempress Tempress

 I was on a date with. This one also makes me feel sexy, beautiful, soft, sensual... the whole 9. This one is a absolute must have in your collection. All I can say is girl...Key. You have talent with these products you are serving us with!!


When she told me that AMAI was dangerous Im like hmm.. I be the judge of that. I just opened it and when I tell you I almost cussed her all the way out because it smells soooooooo good! babyyyyyy!!!!! I literally wanted to eat my arm off is how delicious it is!

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